Art-Osc (originally developed in 2013) is a lighting control protocol that sits upon the widely used OSC (Open Sound Control) standard.

Art-Osc is owned and copyright by Artistic Licence Engineering Ltd. Artistic Licence has published the specification and made it available for anyone to use on a royalty-free basis. However, in order to implement Art-Osc in a product you will need an ESTA manufacturer ID (see Join the club).

Art-Osc has three main areas of application:

1. The primary function of Art-Osc is to allow DALI lighting control data to be carried over an ethernet network.

2. Art-Osc can also carry RDM (Remote Device Management), providing a means to visualize the data; this addresses a significant weakness in the way RDM is currently implemented.

3. At its simplest level, Art-Osc incorporates the original purpose of OSC – to enable automation of devices by transporting remote control and triggering information over the network.

Art-Osc for DALI

logo-dali style

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) was developed to operate over low cost and simple wiring. This great advantage came at the cost of bandwidth: each DALI circuit can control only 64 ballasts and is hundreds of times slower than DMX512 (the standard protocol in common use in the entertainment industry).

Until now, DALI has lacked a standardized and open method of integration into larger networks.

Art-Osc solves these problems by providing a public domain protocol that can transfer the DALI language over a network. Historically, this bears close analogy with the invention of Art-Net, an ethernet protocol designed to overcome the channel restriction of DMX512 while still utilizing its structure.

Art-Osc for RDM

rdm logoWhile RDM is a highly useful protocol that allows a lighting controller or building management computer to report on equipment status, it is not designed to convey data in a user-friendly manner.

In contrast, Art-Osc provides interfacing of RDM over a network with simple integration to smartphones or tablets, allowing access to numerous free or low-cost tools such as TouchOSC™ for iPad™ and Android™. Monitoring of equipment status and performance – including accurate energy consumption data – thus becomes easy and intuitive. This functionality is highly relevant for the requirements of Part L of the UK Building Regulations.

Art-Osc used with TouchOSC for easy RDM monitoring

Art-Osc & TouchOSC™ for easy RDM monitoring on an iPad

Art-Osc for Remote Control

remote control icon4Art-Osc provides a standardized remote control syntax specifically written for the lighting control market.

Art-Osc™ is a trademark of Artistic Licence Engineering Ltd.