The RDM Language (RDM)

The RDM Language (RDM)

Object Vector (Language = RDM)

The Object Vector defines the RDM (Remote Device Management) UID (Unique Identification) and sub-device to which the Art-Osc packet is related. The Object Vector is expressed in dot notation with fixed field length as shown below:


These fields are defined in the following table.


Example: The Artistic Licence manufacturer ID is 6510 7610. To address a message from the root of Artistic Licence product with UID the following Object Vector is used:

Instance (Language = RDM)

The Instance defines the RDM sensor number. The instance field is a fixed width field of three numeric characters representing an integer in the range 0 to 999.

Parameter (Language = RDM)

The Parameter defines the RDM PID (Parameter ID). The field is a variable length string selected from the following table.


Art-Osc Syntax for Argument List

The Tag-Type, quantity, order and meaning of the Argument List is defined as follows:


Please refer to the OSC document for details of how the arguments are delimited.

See also RDM examples.

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